Resources for Women

I am an advocate for women who have suffered sexual trauma.  This page is a collection of resources that I have found useful.  It is hard, knowing you need help, but not knowing where to turn, or who will understand.

RAINN rape, abuse, & incest national network

COSA co-dependents of sex addicts

BTR betrayal trauma recovery 
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MCL 750.145e

Intentional dissemination of sexually explicit images of another person.


If you've read through this law, you might think it covers all the bases, after all it is very wordy, and full of all the "legal-ese" you would expect. Unfortunately, there are loop holes, and this law needs revision.  The internet grows too fast for the legal system to keep up, and too many victims are left without justice as a result.  I am working to make changes in this for women- for all.  

If you are interested in finding out more, or are motivated for change, please contact me.