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Resources for Women

This is a collection of resources that I have found useful while dealing with the aftermath of sexual trauma and abuse.  

It is hard, knowing you need help, but not knowing where to turn, or who will understand.

There is no, one right way to do this- healing will look different for everyone.  I encourage you to search until you find what makes sense for you.  Know that you are not alone, help is out there!

RAINN rape, abuse, & incest national network

COSA co-dependents of sex addicts

BTR betrayal trauma recovery 

Psalm 82 InitiativeHelping make churches safer for abuse victims

For victims under the age of 18, or if you want to educate yourself on how to recognize child sexual abuse:

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 10.31.54

Sometimes it is referred to as "revenge porn" or "non-consensual pornography."  Whatever you want to call it- if someone has posted sexual imagery of you online without your permission, it is illegal, and it is a form of sexual abuse.  

In Michigan the law is:

MCL 750.145e

Intentional dissemination of sexually explicit images of another person.

Do not be afraid to seek help right away.  Call your local police station and make a report.  They can get the images down, and help you find support.


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