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From start to finish...

“Go bigger” they said... 😆 🤞#porcelain
Mermaid sculpture #porcelain #mermaid #g

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

-Vincent Van Gogh

The process of turning my old barn into my new studio, and showroom, has been no exception.

Working in our spare time, we managed to transform the building, little by little, to create an environment that is spacious, inviting, and most importantly, conducive to creative output.

Thought I'd try another #octopus 😀 🐙 #
This guy found a good home today 😉 _bec

Below is a video that shows the entire process of making 50 mugs in time lapse. 

Throwing day!  #wheelthrownbowls #drying
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